Auroville – The Universal City of Peace and Unity

              Auroville is a place where people from different nationalities, cultures, and religions live together in harmony. The township is based on the principle of human unity, and it aims to create a sustainable and peaceful society that promotes the well-being of all its inhabitants.

The township is spread over an area of around 20 square kilometers, and it is home to over 2500 people from around 50 countries. The town is designed in the shape of a galaxy, with different zones representing different aspects of life. The town has a central area called the Matrimandir, which is a golden dome structure that symbolizes the unity of humanity.

Visitors to Auroville can experience the unique atmosphere of the township and participate in various activities that promote sustainable living and spiritual growth. Visitors can also explore the beautiful natural surroundings of Auroville, including the Auroville beach and the nearby forests.

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In conclusion, Auroville is a unique and fascinating destination that offers a one-of-a-kind experience for travelers. With ST Tours and Travels, visitors can enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free trip to Auroville and explore this remarkable township at the best price.


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